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Welcome to Mistress Paris

About Me

Welcome to Mistress Paris

London, Croydon Fetish Mistress Paris – Female Domination of BDSM Slaves – Bondage – S&M – Sensual Domination to Strict Femdom – London Sadistic Mistress and Sensual Soul Sorceress From the beginning, my fantasies revolved around my Sunday school teacher, who, in front of the class, would subject my classmates to humiliation by spanking them for being late on most Sundays. The sensation of being observed by others and witnessing fellow class members being disciplined aroused me.

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There are many superior methods I may use to cast my spell over your slavish soul.

Ensure review my preferences thoroughly to understand how to best accommodate me and avoid any potential embarrassing situations by proposing activities that are not within my scope. This list serves as a reference point, excluding forbidden activities. If you have a specific session in mind that is not mentioned, I encourage you to inquire so we can consider the options. It is important to note that appointments are only available. All sessions start from 11am during the week and with sessions taking place on Saturdays after 1:00 PM.

Additionally, first-time clients are required to submit a 50% deposit through bank transfer or PayPal

  • Strict Domination and Discipline
  • Bondage, light to heavy
  • Trampling
  • Corporal Punishment – CP Specialist,
  • Sensual to Severe
  • Wax Play
  • Nipple Torment
  • Facesitting ( with clothes on )
  • Boot and Foot Worship
  • Humiliation, verbal and physical
  • Breath Control
  • Anal  – ( no strap on )
  • CBT
  • Roleplay Scenarios
  • Tie n Tease
  • Caging and Captivity
  • Water Sports
  • Forced-feminisation
  • Caning
  • Electrics



Based on your information

Ensure you read my preferences carefully so you know how best to serve me and to prevent your embarrassment by asking for activities I don’t offer.


What on offer

Aside from the no-go areas, this list is a guideline. If you are interested in a type of session that isn’t listed here, inquire so we can discuss the possibilities.



Hardsports, BabyPlay, Strap-on. Additionally, I DO NOT offer personal services.
There is NO sexual contact with me in sessions.



Bondage & Captivity

From Leather Bag Bondage to Rope Japanese Bondage -Gags Gips Chains Locks – Cages – Standing Up Coffin Experience


Medical Play

Medical play is a type of BDSM play which involves medical scenarios, procedures and practices. It’s a relatively common kink



Chambers are located in Central Croydon less than 12 minutes away from Victoria or London Bridge railway stations – visit the sessions for full details.



A submissive may choose to submit him or herself sexually, in dungeon environment they will may still behave as equals with their Mistress. The sub invests will be earnt!



  • Advanced Appointments or Same-Day
  • Corporal punishment- Slash Dash
  • Caging & Humiliation
  • Nipple Torment
  • Soft Play Tie & Tease


  • Adv-App or Same-Day
  • Bondage
  • Caging & Humiliation
  • Corporal punishment
  • Nipple Torment & CBT
  • Soft Play & Force fem








Reviews by Customers

Reviews of Croydon Mistress Paris

slave Martin

I have just enjoyed my first ever meeting with Mistress Paris. To say she is stunning is an understatement. She is kind, funny and has a body to die for. She can read minds, and knew exactly what to do to make me scared, happy, relaxed and ill at ease all at the same time. The premises are easy to find and really nicely laid out.

Mistress Paris knows how to use everything she has to make a slave happy and within minutes I knew that this woman was the one for me. I am entranced by her very being and looking forward to a long journey into servitude with her. After just one meeting I know that Mistress Paris could make me go further than any other Mistress.

She is truly a magnificent Mistress and I have seen well over 40 different ones in the past, including her good friend Mistress Caprice. The session was relaxed and not rushed and it was a privilege to be in her control.
Her aim with the cane was spot on and every time I looked at her face and body I felt an ache inside me that wanted to please her so much. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced slave, if you are looking to visit a fantastic Mistress then look no further. Mistress Paris is brilliant.

slave Martin

She is truly a magnificent Mistress

by MacSub

I was recently privileged to be one of the first subbies to be given the opportunity to serve Mistress Paris. The intensity of my experience will live in my memory for a very long time!

Originally from North Queensland, this gorgeous Australian Mistress is skilled in every aspect of Domination — from flogging and CP through to CBT and erotic torment — and our session explored a wealth of activities and sensations which ensured my limits were tested frequently and rigorously
On arrival at her premises, I was lured into entering her interrogation cell and being tethered helpless, before she proceeded to forcibly strip me, using a knife and scissors to remove my charity shop bought suit and shirt — fully disposable clothes and a spare set of kit had been agreed in our prior dialogue.Much in the way of genital restraint followed – with a chromed steel clamp fitted round my sensitive parts, and more ironmongery and weights attached selectively and with appropriate sensitivity to my most vulnerable areas.
I was then confined in her cage, tortured, teased, and reduced to the status of a groveling subbie slut, willing and able to suffer any form of strap-on treatment. This duly ensued; and I ended my session both fully satisfied and feeling that I had experienced a top-class bdsm work-out; with lots in the way of post-session chat and empathy to make it a very rewarding experience and one which I would be more than happy to enjoy again.
as a caring, attentive and highly skilled Mistress.

by MacSub

Review of Croydon Mistress Paris posted on UK Mistresses

slave Paul

Mistress Paris is a very special lady. It’s an honour and privilege to call myself her slave. I have a shoe fetish and Mistress Paris has some great shoes that she allows me to lick clean and whenever I am in her presents.

I have the urge to be on my knees and worship Mistress Paris feet. To be allowed to lick Mistress Paris shoes is one of the best experiences I have had. The way she demands and provides a very high standard service and she is fantastic.

From the first session and every session since Mistress Paris has made me feel comfortable but always in a way that i know she is superior and must be obeyed. I always leave wanting more. Being extremely grateful as she has allowes me the opportunity to be her slave.

P.s she also lets me receive her spit which is just the biggest honour ever and gorgeous in every sense.

slave Paul

The only Mistress for me

submissive Tony

Croydon Mistress Paris has one of the best dungeon setups that I have seen in my considerable scene experience, with extensive equipment to secure your pleasure and wishes.

As a client I cherish and appreciate her. If you do the same and treat her with respect at all times, then she will ensure that the time you spend with her is most enjoyable and satisfying. She will look after you — in return you must look after her.

Paris is a very unique woman, has a splendid body, and is a very good and very well equipped dominatrix with a very warm and caring nature with genuine feelings towards her clients, and who takes time to find out exactly what you wish to experience, and then ensures your satisfaction and pleasure without reservations. She can of course also be very severe, demanding and sadistic, if that is what is required. She also takes time at the end of the session to obtain your reaction as to how you enjoyed it, and ensures that your next visit includes anything additional that may have come out in this discussion, that you would like to experience to give you extra enjoyment.

She enjoys her ‘work’ and gets great pleasure and satisfaction from being able to give you ‘an exciting hour out of this world’. Cherish and look after her, she is something very special.

Submissive Tony

The Best Mistress I have ever seen

just Henry

Paris is a dedicated professional mistress and excellent at her job! She is totally dedicated to all the CP aspects of BDSM and enjoys dealing with subs, both novices and the very experienced. With her, there is, at all times, total consent, total trust and total respect. She really cares about her subs: what they do and really do not enjoy doing. She reacts instinctively to their mood, at the outset and its changes throughout the scene. I know because of the many scenes I’ve had with her. She can be kind and understanding; she can be harsh, cruel and ruthless (if that is what her client wants of her) and can deliver a blistering stroke of her cane with the vigour that is the clearest of evidence of the fitness derived from her regular and frequent work-outs in the gym.

She is also extremely accurate. If you want it only on your bum, you get it only on your bum. If you want to be well-marked, you will be well-marked. If you do not want to be marked, you will not be marked. A scene with her is a memorable experience in so many ways!

just Henry

A Dedicated Professional Mistress

Slave Paul

I arrived for our appointment at 12 noon. Easy to find and has off-street parking, which I liked given that I did not know the area. I was met at the door by Mistress Paris who turned out to be a very pleasant young lady who is even more attractive when you meet her than she appears on her website. The premises were very clean and fantastically well equipped. I also felt very safe there. After a brief discussion about requirements it was time to start the session which on this occasion was to be four hours. I will not go into detail about what we did but I will say that without doubt Mistress Paris is the best Domme I have ever visited.

Mistress Paris is very skilled at what she does and is so intuitive that at times you wonder if she is inside your head. This is a highly intelligent and articulate young woman who does what she does with great flair. At no point did I ever feel she was going through the motions as I have done with other Mistresses in the past. I have no hesitation in recommending Mistress Paris and I will return to see her as often as I can.

Slave Paul

Mistress Paris is the best Domme I've Ever Seen

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