About Me

Me About

From the beginning, my fantasies revolved around my Sunday school teacher, who, in front of the class, would subject my classmates to humiliation by spanking them for being late on most Sundays. The sensation of being observed by others and witnessing fellow class members being disciplined aroused me. This experience ignited a passion within me, leading to my eventual transition into the world of professional domination.

Today, in my role as a London fetish Mistress, I hold dominion over all within my realm. Upon discovering the intoxicating world of Female Domination, I recognized it as my innate calling. The rush of arousal and the feeling of control that accompanies my ability to dominate a BDSM submissive through bondage, S&M, fetish practices, and strict Fem Dom fills me with delight. I derive pleasure not only from enforcing strict Fem Dom but also from sensual domination.

I am seeking new slaves to test and expand their limits. I offer various forms of female domination and approach those who worship me with an open mind. I welcome novices, as I enjoy the process of teaching and learning together while always respecting boundaries. Those who wish to serve me must be prepared to surrender completely and obey my sadistic whims. The primary objective of serving me should be to please me. As a London Professional Dominatrix who thrives on dominating BDSM slaves, I will mould your soul to fit my desires. I am mindful of hard limits but otherwise do not conform to traditional norms, as I establish my own guidelines and do not entertain foolish behaviour.

Engaging my interest and maintaining my attention during our encounters are crucial. I invite you to join me and let me assess your ability to captivate me. If you are a devoted BDSM slave looking to experience genuine Female Domination with a London Professional Dominatrix, you must be willing to travel to Croydon, Surrey on your hands and knees if necessary to serve me.